Monday, April 30, 2007

Easing up on the ring

Been tough the game at bodog last few days....seems a big onflux of some real good solid players. I usually do well against solid players but not these ones....not being able to hit draws or win flips hv also added to the cause, but I hv made some bad calls and bad shoves as well. I decided to cashout and take sometime off from the cash games there, everytime I take a break and play cash I do well. Also, since I am cashing out a big portion of my BR, I will need a new plan to try and regain some lost ground.

This is the analysis from bodog:
Played 7 days and made a net profit of 9241$.....before the downswing it was more like 17k, sucks loosing half the profits, but still not a bad overall result there.

Today I am playing the nightly tournies, just 3 of them and I really hope I play well. I dont care if I win or loose, I just want to hv my solid steady tourny game back.
Tomorrow will be end of mnth analysis, if dont cash in anythign today it will be around 45k net profit for the mnth (I cancel out quite a few expenses from my I actually made 50k or little below tht, this mnth). Had a rocky start to the mnth but then in 2 days I made really, I shud hv made something like 75k, still need to plug some of my leeks.
I am also thinking of coming up with a plan for building my 30k roll, so tht I hv enough for the wsop. I am thinking something in the lines of keeping a BR of 10k for ring games and another 10k for tournies and hving 10k as back up. Not sure wat I will decide on, but I will definitely think it all out tomorrow and come up with a solid plan. If I dont do well today I might just take the week point pushing ur luck or playing when u feel u r not playing ur A game...Breaks are always good.

Sunday, April 29, 2007


Horrid day, just falt out played bad. Overplayed every hand, hate it when I do tht. So pissed at myself. I better get my shit together for sundays....its turning into quite a disaster. To make things worse I donked off 4k of my 7k profit in the ring games today....still up 1.4k but was up huge. Frustrating, although I was tired and kinda hungover from last night. But no excuses for such a dismissal showing.
Last day of the mnth....barring any bad beats I shud win the FT big one tomorrow.

Cricket world cup

Australia rock!!!!!!!!!!!
Aussie Asussie oye oye
good job boys...wish I had put money on u guys :)
good job!
Mcgrath....wish I achieve 50% of wat u hv achieved in life....u my hero!

Saturday, April 28, 2007


1st time tilted in long time and tilted pretty bad....sigh!
Blew 6k but thts wat I made yesterday....still stinks a lot though
Tomorrow is tourny day and I am playing just the Sudnay majors....idea is to play a solid game and try and make it deep in atlesat one.
The line up is:
the 3 majors at PS
the 2 majors at FT
and UB big one.
Not gonna be online or hv my phone on.....far too mny people distract me on sunday, as a matter of fact, I wont even hv chat box open on, in any of the tables. Really want to try and do well tomorrow and end the mnth strong.
Just when I was sailing I get hit by bus.
Monday too is just tourny day.


Thursday night I went out drinkin with some frnds and got really wasted. Friday, I went to CC and got a hair cut and did little shopping.....dont hv any clean clothes and the cleaners dont do any takes a lot for me to finally get motivated to do my laundry and I dont tht kind of movtivastion is gonna come anytime soon, so for hygenic reasons I needed some new clothes (I know I am very lazy!)
O, I played some small sessions of 5-10 too.....ring games are seriously sick, means getting stuck 2-3k is normal, loosing big pots is normal too, but I know I hv an edge in tht game so I have take all the swings in my stride. I did win my biggest pot at 5-10 ever, it was sb vs bb, I raised to 30 from sb and bb called. Both of us were playing super aggro and had stacks of 2460 and 3500 respectively. Flop came 5s 9s Kd, I led out 60 (pot bet) and he made it around 220, I flat called him (didnt give him much respect at this time for a real hand), turn was a Ah and I led out again for 222 and he instant shoved on me....easy call, he flipped 67s for flsuh draw and gut shot str8 draw, making me 4-1 favorite to win....he missed his draw and gave me my biggest pot at 5-10 :)
Overall I am up more than 10k, but the game at times is pretty tough. Many sharks in tht game and its best to choose the people u want to go to war with carefully.
Today its gonna me mostly 5-10 and the absolute 150k gaurantee (hvnt played a tourny for a while) will be playing all tournies tomorrow (Sunday donations as usual). Although I plan to change my usual line up in a bid to save some money.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

5-10 session

Trying to stick to my plan of playing smaller but more frequent session at 5-10. I am up a fair amt there now, although the players I hv been playing there hv been pretty decent. I was on my game today, was just outhinking to love deepstacked poker (almost everyone had full buy in at the table which gives more than 100bbs and allows a lot of play). Imagination is the key to success in ring games and I was just on it today.
Played the 300$ big tourny at PS and completely donked it. I am in no mindset to play tournaments and am trying to hold out till Sunday. There is a lot of focus and energy required for tournaments and I just dont feel tht I am upto it at present. For now I think I will be playing just be playing tournaments on sudnay and monday, maybe saturdays if I feel like it (gr8 value absolute poker tourny) and this I will do for most part of next mnth as well. Many of the top online pros are conflicted with my playing style, many of them hv said tht when I play my best I am really really good but most of the times I am a donk...which is kinda true, trying to solve this by playing more selectively till the wsop.
Classes hv been going well this term as well, as a matter of fact I hvnt missed a class this week and hv been upto date on all the assignements, homework and quizzes. Doing well academically makes me feel good about myself, although its tough with numerous distractions I have. Its a good life, but not an easy one.
O, I got my apt cleaned it feels goood to live in a clean enviroment once again :)
Also, I would like to give a shoutout to my boy imperium (sorel mizzi), he is top 3 in chips with 27 left in the wpt championship (1st is just a few million....think he is already gauranteed 100k$)....he is one of the true superstars and one of the most down to earth people u can ever interact with. I hv learned a lot , from just talking about the game and watching him play, it will be awesome to see him take tht bitch down. Go Impyyyy!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I am on a break from tournaments but not from poker :)
After much contemplation I decided to play 5-10NL ring game at bodog.....not sure if its a good idea since the last time I played there I lost 9k in like 2 days....I am however up 25k in tht game overall despite the brutality of those 2 days. Obv I need to stay disciplined, I will admit tht there is 1 guy in tht gme who really holds over me. To make good money I must really avoid playing him (the fucker always calls my bluffs), must put the ego aside. I was up 2k today but then went and dropped 1700 in the last session.I did miss three flush draws,each of them were for over 1k in pot size, so tht set me down a bit. I did play a bit sloppy as well, so really cant blame all of it on luck.
Since I am living in a pig sty again, I am hving the cleaners come again tomorrow, a cleaner enviroment did wonders for me last time....might hit the nightly tournies tomrrow to see if it works again.
Summer plans are shaping are pretty well, the plan is to spend a mnth in vegas for the series (will miss first 2 weeks of wsop because of college crap but will be there for the last 4 weeks of it),then travel to Europe for 2 weeks (want to visit Amsterdamn, London, Paris and Sweden....been saving my fpp points at PS so tht I can use them to buy hotel credit value of 1k$) and spend the remainder of the summer in India. Ofcourse I need to comeback in fall to Philly for my graduation (hate college). This is all very tentative, but wheels are already in motion and we r close to closing on the house in vegas fo the summer ( we r renting it for 6 weeks begining June 1st, thts when the wsop starts). Still a long time is left, but I really like planning things out ahead of time....hopefully within the next 2 weeks I will be to finalise my summer plans, at that time I will be also able to anazlyse my finances a bit better too, the last few weeks hv been pretty insane with all the confusion with cashouts, backing and gazillions tournaments, I hv been, in all honesty, a bit lost and CONFUSED!

Monday, April 23, 2007

I hate poker


Full Tilt Poker Game #2276216258: $1K Monday (16460007), Table 15 - 400/800 Ante 100 - No Limit Hold'em - 0:35:37 ET - 2007/04/24
Seat 1: z32fanatic (12,225)
Seat 2: TheHebrewPeople (28,925)
Seat 3: winnaseat (28,900)
Seat 4: maxypaxy (23,877)
Seat 5: TheActionKid (21,100)
Seat 6: LOUIETEN (12,395)
Seat 7: Pechorin (23,690)
Seat 8: Intervention (19,527)
Seat 9: dag2 (10,175)
z32fanatic antes 100
TheHebrewPeople antes 100
winnaseat antes 100
maxypaxy antes 100
TheActionKid antes 100
LOUIETEN antes 100
Pechorin antes 100
Intervention antes 100
dag2 antes 100
Intervention posts the small blind of 400
dag2 posts the big blind of 800
The button is in seat #7
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Intervention [Qs As]
z32fanatic folds
TheHebrewPeople folds
winnaseat folds
maxypaxy folds
TheActionKid folds
Pechorin raises to 2,400
Intervention raises to 5,800
dag2 has 15 seconds left to act
dag2 folds
Pechorin raises to 23,590, and is all in
Intervention calls 13,627, and is all in
Pechorin shows [Jh 3c]
Intervention shows [Qs As]
Uncalled bet of 4,163 returned to Pechorin
*** FLOP *** [2h Kd 9d]
*** TURN *** [2h Kd 9d] [3d]
*** RIVER *** [2h Kd 9d 3d] [8c]
Pechorin shows a pair of Threes
Intervention shows Ace King high
Pechorin wins the pot (40,554) with a pair of Threes
Intervention stands up
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 40,554 Rake 0
Board: [2h Kd 9d 3d 8c]
Seat 1: z32fanatic folded before the Flop
Seat 2: TheHebrewPeople folded before the Flop
Seat 3: winnaseat folded before the Flop
Seat 4: maxypaxy folded before the Flop
Seat 5: TheActionKid folded before the Flop
Seat 6: LOUIETEN folded before the Flop
Seat 7: Pechorin (button) showed [Jh 3c] and won (40,554) with a pair of Threes
Seat 8: Intervention (small blind) showed [Qs As] and lost with Ace King high
Seat 9: dag2 (big blind) folded before the Flop

NO MORE POKER TILL longest break ever


I hate loosing....played 10+ tournies yeserday and didnt even cash in a matter of fact I dont think I went beyond the 3rd break in any....thts rough. I was playing mediocre (not bad...just not my best) and had a bunch of chips in few too but I kept getting 2 outered on river. It was tough, lost AK vs AK for big pot in 2nd chance, made some good calls but just cudnt win a flip. I hate sundayssss.
I am on a downsing...just 10k (sundays are expensive....think I am down 2k in backing too), nothing to really stress about but I hv decided to slowdown and work on my game. I need to get a slow gear, feel I am playing way too aggro at the moment. Playing so aggro actually has me tempted to go and destroy 5-10 at bodog....I am definitely considering tht option, need to recover tht 10 dimes.
Today I am playing the 1k and 150 at FT and the 100R and 150 at PS. For the rest of the week I will hardly play anything......feel like all I hv been doing is playing poker this term. Since the weather is so good, gonna spend sometime outside. Also this is midterm week, being my penultimate term I hv been slacking a bit, but gonna start studying for the 2 exams I hv this week. Although, I am taking a break from poker I will be going to AC on friday for the monkey fest tourny, need live tourny to tighten me upa bit (also need to pick up some money from a frnd there). Despite the dowswing I hope to end the mnth +65k, must tighten my leaks to achieve tht though.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Cant sucks

Sunday Line up....

These I am playing for sure: (The one's in blue are the Sunday Major's)
PS=Poker Stars UB=Ultimate Bet FT=FullTilt (incase u didnt know)
12:45 pm PS 200+15 Sunday Warm Up (350k GTD)
1:00 pm PS 100+9 reg tourn
2:00 pm PS 100R
4:30 pm PS 200+15 Sunday Million
5:00 pm UB 200+16 200k GTD
6:00 pm FT 200+16 400k GTD
6:00 pm PS 650$ WSOP satellite
6:30 pm PS 200+15 Sunday Second Chance (200k GTD)
7:05 pm FT 200+16 Sunday Mulligan
8:00 pm FT 150+13 40k GTD
8:30 pm UB 500+30 75k GTD

Have been playing horrid last few days, think I hv been way too aggro and need to slowdown a bit. Plan today is to play just premium hands and to play position....nothing fancy for most part. I hvnt final tabled a major for a while, but more than doing tht I really want to win my seat to WSOP Main Event....I hv already spent 3600 (incl today) on qualifiers......time to win 1, last Sunday was bad....hopefully today will be better.

Friday, April 20, 2007

last few days

Been dissapointing these last few days. I hv been deep few times (24th in the PS 150 last night) but cant seem to close the deal....sucky. I bought into the 1k satellite to wsop at FT last ngiht and didnt much in it. As a reult of buying into some bigger buyins I am down a bit last few days, nothing much but still it wud be nice to get a win.

Monday, April 16, 2007


No luck yesterday, the horsies played pretty bad and despite being in excellent position didnt make any real money.....same story with me today. Was playing absolutely gr8 and was running terrific as well, but I think I misread some situations. Got 4th in the 100R for 6k, I feel I cud hv done better though, really wanted to win :( right after my bust out (AQ vs AK) to finish the night I came 32nd at FT (27 got paid) the beat was brutal as usual, ATh pushed utg and I called with JJ....he hit his A on turn to knock me th,t I hv an avg stack again. Very dissapointing especially since I had a good stack at FT and PS 150 buy ins and somehow managed to get knocked out 15-20 away from money in both. Ugh!!!!!!!
Overall I am ahead 3k or so today...which is good, but definitely need to slow things done from now on. Feel like I am being far too reckless in my playing style and spending and backing funds.
Not poker tomorrow...but will do all the tournies on Wed night.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

I hate Sundayssssssss

Fakin BullShit, went on big tilt after I got fucked in the PS 100 again. Donked off few tournies rigth after but ran so bad it was scary. Missed open ended str8 flush draw...lost 3-4 coin flips in a row in the same tournament, didnt see one pocket pair or make 1 draw...ugh!!!!!
After recovering from tht tilt. I was lookin pretty good in the 750k, had worked up a big stack. With 305 left my QQ and AK ran into KK and AA (2nd one was on A high flop for monster chips) eliminated in 303rd place, 261 got paid and 1st was 159kkk.....was feelin something special in tht one, but not much I cud do on these two hands.....damn.
I am down to just the 500 tourny at UB and if I dont do well in this I will be stuck almost 5k for personal record of money spend on tournies in a single day (ouch)....I am backing few guys(which actually took the buy in figure close to not all of it was lost by me) so there is still some recovery hope, lets hope one of them wins something (2 horsies pretty deep in two tournies)

Sunday Line up

These I am playing for sure: (The one's in blue are the Sunday Major's)
12:45 pm PS 200+15 Sunday Warm Up (350k GTD)
1:00 pm UB 100+9 11k GTD
1:00 pm PS 100+9 reg tourn (shud hv won this yesterday lost AK vs AJ with 15 left, all in pre)
4:30 pm PS 200+15 Sunday Million
5:00 pm UB 200+16 200k GTD
6:00 pm FT 500+35 750k GTD
6:30 pm PS 200+15 Sunday Second Chance (200k GTD)
7:05 pm FT 200+16 Sunday Mulligan
8:00 pm FT 150+13 40k GTD
8:30 pm UB 500+30 75k GTD

Total of 2,523$ for 10 tournies

These are some which I may play:
2:00 PM PS 100 REBUY
6:00 PM PS 650 WSOP Satellite
7:30 PM PS 100 REBUY
wud love to play the 200 rebuy but dont feel like playing tht high :(
The above three tournies are bigger buy ins (I never play a 100R for cheaper than 300 and at times as high as 1k or more), the only time I wud play them today is if Ifeel I am playing good or obv if I am tilted...sundays hv tht effect.

I am committed to playing 12 hr + of non stop multitabling poker today...I am switching off my phone and signing out of my IM's, feelin fresh and focussed, today might be the day I finally win a sunday major.
Will update tonight.

Friday, April 13, 2007

recent happenings

People are talking about me, lol....this the link if interested:
(just incase u r hving trbl understanding the thread, my online alias is intervention on most sites, if u didnt know tht already). Suprisingly everyone had just good to say about me. Not yet a superstar but hopefully I will get there soooon.
Went to AC today morning, the tourny was complete donk fest. Was out in 2 hrs (playing good but the monkeys kept getting lucky on me).My roommate and I began the day on the same table and witnessed some ridiculous poker we hv ever seen ,we hv seen prettttty bad poker but nothing compared to this. Such a nice tournythough, 30k for 1st each week, dont think I am ever gonna miss going down there from now on, most amatuers in this tourny than any other u will find. Since both of us were done by 2 we decided to take a cab back to Philly but the traffic was dead slow in the expressway, so , we decided to turn the cab around to goto the nearest train station. There we had to wiat 25 mins for the train which took another hr.....wat a waste of time. As a result of all this I am not playing any poker today since nothing seems to be workin my way, plan is to go out and get trashed and hv some fun!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Cashin Out

Decided to cashout 50k to my Dad. This still leaves me with a healthy BR, just about the right amt to hv me playin comfrtably and yet not careless. This wud be good for me since now I will know tht I hv a decent amt put away, just incase.
Today poker wise was pretty bad, didnt run good and played avg. Another win wud be real nice, maybe I will win a live tourny this weekend in AC. No online poker till Sunday,drinking day tomorrow and then AC on fri and sat

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Toook down 150 buy in at FT for 14k...

This mnth

Finally opened an excel sheet for keepin accts this mnth. Seems I was down about 15k this mnth (actually more like 10-12k but with expenses its 15k), so the win takes me to +42.5k this mnth.
Its been a nice progression last 3 mnths:
April: 10 days in +42.5k
Now my only goals this mnth is to make 7.5k more to reach 50k profit and win a wsop package along with tht this mnth.


Ship 57k for 1st in 1k touryn at FT
My biggest win yet, wohoooooooooooo

Monday, April 9, 2007

Not too goooood

This mnth keeps getting worse....yesterday was absolutely terrible, I cudnt hv run worse. I did not win one flip or make one freekin draw. I was playing good for a change but was so unbelievably card dead in everything. I ended up playing a 650$ wsop satellite and 100R( for 500 which is not tht expensive in these, but I hv banned myself from these for a very good reason and played it only on tilt). It was very frustrating.
I am down around 7-8k this mnth, will start keepin accts again, hv been a bit lazy so far but now I hv to buckle down.
Will be playing just in the evening today, think I will play the stars 100 and 150, FT 150 and will be trying to satellite into their Monday 1k tourny. Have cleaners coming in today too, hving my room cleaned might help me focus better, kinda a desperate at this stage. I am guessing the BR is down to 37-38k, not keeping accts does hv me lost a bit. Tomorrow I am gonna not play and instead try and figure out a plan...lets see how today goes.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Sunday Line up

PS 200 buy in 12:45 pm (Sunday Warm Up)
PS 100 buy in 1:00 pm (Reg tourny)
PS 200 buy in 4:30 pm (Sunday Million)
UB 200 buy in 5:00 pm (200k GTD)
FT 200 buy in 6:00 pm (400k GTD)
PS 200 buy in 6:30 pm (2nd Chance)
FT 200 buy in 7:05 pm (Mulligan)
FT 150 buy in 8:00 pm (Reg tourny)

Total buy ins incl rake wud be around 1.6k
Feelin good and hv nothing but poker in my head today :)

Saturday, April 7, 2007

AC trip

I hv been playing absolutely horrid online last few days....the whole enviroment is not very conducive for playing at present. I am literaly living in trash, thankfully I hv housecleaners coming in on Monday to clean the place up, I know, finally!
Last night, I went down to AC with a few was quite randomn and unplanned. I am sick of loosing online this mnth (-4.5k), so was looking for a break anyways, when my frnds told me tht they were gonna drive down (hate the train ride) I decided to go mess around a little bit at 2-5 NL. The very first hand I got stacked for 500$, I had KQc and raised to 20 got 2 callers (first hand of newly started 2-5 Nl table, we were 5 handed tht time). Flop came K 4 6, I bet out 35 and got 1 caller, turn was a Q giving me top 2, I bet out 50 he raised to 100, I thought and pushed the remaining of my 500 stack and he called me with 44. No luck on river. Thts an ugly way to start off, but it was definitely going to be difficult getting away from top 2 on tht board and the hyper aggressive AC players I am used too.....anywyas I was able to recover when I hit a set of 3's against 2 opponents and then I made a small profit when I called a guy down with 44 on T J 6 3 8 board...for a 550$ pot, he had AQ, the exact hand I put him on. I left the table up 160$ and decided to play the biggest bingo tournament of them all-The midnight madness at the Taj (blinds increase every 12 mins). Its a 80$ buy in with 163 and u get 12k starting chips with decent INITIAL levels (man they go up very fast). I ran pretty god like, despite playing avg at very best. All my hands held up too and I was able to make the final table comfortably. The way I was running I felt like Jamie Gold III, 3rd since there was this other guy who ran like god, so he wud be Jamie Gold II. He took 6 people in 11 hands at the final table...sick. We ended HU and he took me out when I made a pretty weak call with mid pair against his top 2. Yuk, ah well atleast got 2.6k...not bad for 80$ investment, first was 4,987$, for which I could hv definitely tried harder. This put me to around -2k for the mnth....still very early in the mnth, so I am still hopeful to turn things around.
Today, I am taking a day off from room is too messy to sit here and play all night, planning to go out tonight and get shit faced drunk, then get a good night's sleep for big day tomorrow. Will be playing my best game tomorrow, lot of majors and lot of money is going to be out there and I definitely need to step up and play my A game. I hv been playing my C game for most part this mnth and I am not at all pleased with it. Hopefully tomorrow will be my day, if I do not win I atleast hope I play my best, kinds a depressing when u play like a donk and hv 2.5k in buy ins...

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


horrid last 2 days....played a few tournies and no luck as always....seems I get chips early and then just blow them...must stop tht. My FT and stars accounts has dwindled a bit, but I must plug my leaks and try and make up the amt lost so far this mnth which now might be around 5k...yuk

Monday, April 2, 2007

New mnth

Didnt play yesterday, wish I had done the same today. I played few tournies and misplayed mny hands. I was defnitely running pretty decent too, but obv no luck in the end. Bubbled the 1k which has teally pissed me off....damn fakin medium pairs, ah well -2k today. Still healthy BR though. Want to Make atleast 50k this mnth....cud hv done it today, sigh!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Back from Indiana

Just got back from Indiana...kinda missed my early morning flight and had to take a later flight (missed all the sunday tournies as well)......all in all the trip costed me 6k, made some of it up online....took 3rd in 6 handed 300 buy in at FT for 6.8k. Although I dont think I will ever goto Indiana ever again (might as well surrender then go and loose there....hott, inside joke)..but this trip was definitely a lot of fun, Steve (classyploppy) is beyond funny, tht guy is just sick fun.
I am ending the mnth up 54k this includes most of my expenses as well. My BR is around 46k...gonna take it to xxxx by end of this mnth.