Thursday, August 30, 2007

Day 3 barcelona

500sth started 56 left, I am still in with 61,400 avg is 90ksih and we just made the money, pays around 10k euros or 12k USD I think. Long day tomorrow and bed time now, but follow updates on pokerstrs blog and

Sunday, August 26, 2007

goign to euopre

my 16hr flight leaves in 2 hrs....yep 16 hrs non stop fun fun fun

Friday, August 24, 2007


out of manila...AQ vs AJ all in pre for 16k pot avg was 15.4k at the time
I played well, was a good tourny, gr8 people gr8 complains
Next stop Barcelona

Thursday, August 23, 2007

in Manila and I hate online!

So the Manila Main event starts in like 5 hrs, the casino and the poker room is absolutely amazing and must give kudos to pokerstars for organising such a fabulous event. The whole ambiance and environment is just amazing and I can hardly wait to go and play today. The field is 95% Asian with players from china, japan and Korea, along with some locals....I am surprised to see how big poker is in Asia, I means its just shocking to see the action and the enthusiasm here, wud never expect this besides in US and Europe, just matter of time before poker really explodes here. As far as the quality of play is concerned, from what I have played with them in the side action they seem aggro but very inexperienced and am really banking on them having little knowledge of tournament strategy to exploit them in later stages.
I played some side action yesterday, the biggest game they had was 100-200 so I decided to play it, the games was juicy and soft but somehow I was stuck 22k, however I was able to break even and make a profit of 15k (although I wasn't happy being stuck 20k)....I played for like 5 hrs and it was fun, oh btw it was pesos and not dollars :)
Most of the PokerStar sponsored players are here including Negreaunu, Hachem, Vanessa Russo and few more, there are some good European and Australian players as well, so really the field is not exactly very soft, but its still relatively much softer than most online tourneys. I hate online, I cant even explain how bad I hv been running...although I hv been playing pretty well so I am happy, but alksjdlaskjdaslkdjasd its badd.
I am really looking forward to Barcelona and my vacation in Amsterdam after I am done here, although not playing last 2 days online hv already recharged my batteries.
OK guys time to go...wish me luckkk, gonna try my very very very best :)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Navigating big fields and Euro trip

These are my finishes this mnth in the big field tournaments:
PS 150$ 30/905
PS 200$ 232/2208
PS 200$ 108/6543 (Sunday million....sigh!)
FTP 200$ 260/3268
FTP 200$ 548/4165
FTP 100$R 107/1678

It been frustrating but I am still positive about getting a big score. We are at such a situation in the plb bet that unless we get a big score its a lost cause. I have had quite a few opportunities as you can see above and even closing on one of them would have been huge, but tournament poker is all about patience. Eventually, I'll get my dues and am not gonna get disheartened yet....

I hv my trip almost planned out, I will be travelling to Manila on the 22nd. The idea is to go and travel around a bit before the tournament starts on the 24th. Hopefully I will be in it for all the 3 days 24, 25 and 26th, if not, I plan to relax and not play poker outside of the tournament. The event shud be huge and seems it might even be sold out, I am really hungry for some live success and really think this could be the one.
On the 27th I am flying to Barcelona for the EPT. I will playing on Day 2b so that the 29th. I hv hotel confirmations in Barcelona from 27th till 2nd Sept I believe. After Barcelona I hv decided to stay an additional week in Europe and just relax, that's right no poker, just sight see, sleep and have fun! Some of my friends are coming down for the event and we are planning to rent a car and drive around Europe....not exactly sure at this point where all we will be going but we are def 100% going to Amsterdam fro a few days. I am really excited about this trip, sicne I really need a vacation and I hv never ever travelled to Europe. I am really pumped about this trip!

Monday, August 6, 2007


I cant win......not last 4 days atleast
As far as the plb challenge goes I hv 3rd in 30r, 8th in UB 120 (kk vs AA) and 5 in 200 Turbo on tilt, this is since my last post....nothing worthy at all and the volume I am playing is just beyond insane, no sleep no rest no social life...F poker. SIgh!! still will grind it out all this mnth....Winning wud be nice, need my confidence back :(
The only win I had was a seat to ept barcelona (more on tht later) 12k package though....thts somethign to smile about :)

Friday, August 3, 2007

day 1 and 2

THis is sick....people are going nutzo playing evrything. I myself for the 1at time 9 tabled for approzimately 8 hrs....played well on day 1, played like shit on day 2.
Our team has one score so far, I won a 200 turbo at fulltilt and will recieve around 170-190 pts (not sure exactly how much). Our goal is t get 12 similar scores by AUg 10th...veyr very difficult especially since I played a gazillion tournies on day 2 and didnt cash in 1...yep thts right not one cash.
Tomorrow new day and then weekend coming, I know Sorel will kill it.....I just need some more solid results to keep the team at the top. They are developing a website I believe for everyone to follow this competition witht he latest reults.....tht shud be veyr helpful towards the last part, but will be also be ncie to know where u stand.
Time for bed...