Saturday, June 30, 2007

I hate poker!

I really do...cant win

Friday, June 22, 2007


In a cold streak right now, had few good opportunities yesterday in the 1500 but as usual no cards and no luck, the structure is so bad in the 1500$ events I dont think I am going to play the one on Saturday(much rather play online). So my next event will be on Thursday the 5k short handed event. I loved the last 6 handed one since we saw mny more hands than we do on a full table and there was much more post flop play than usual which is my strong my point. I had Ram Wasvani to my left and although like many I dont hv much respect for the pros, but whichever pro I have played with in wsop has just played close to flawless in my opinion (played with mimmi tran, boatman, minh the master and few others) and Ram was by far the best. He was to my left but I definitely held my own, I see no reason why I shudnt do well in the 5k event.
Will be playing a lot online and try and recover the losses from Vegas, besides poker I hv been hving some fun too and as eveyrone knows Vegas aint cheap. Went to rhino with bunch of frnds last ngiht.....tht place is always fun :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


not happy with poker right tourny on thrsday the 1500$ event

Monday, June 18, 2007

i hate poker

coverage from yesterday, u can check it at:

Playing the 2500$ 6 handed tourny today

Sunday, June 17, 2007

I tried...

I folded the first orbit and then shoved for 18.5k at 1k-2k level with 300 ante only to be isolated by a 30k stack with A9, I had my cursed hand of KJ (3/4 for elimination with this hand at wsop)..I balnked, gg 116th which paid 4123$. Ahh atleast I cashed.
Today is the 3k event and I feel I am in good rhythm for wsop, gonna try and atelast make it to day 2, thts my goal number 1 for today's tourny.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

quick update

There are 135 players left in the 2k event, 1600ish started adn they paid 153 so I am already in the money. It was gruelling 12 hrs and there are lot of interesting hands I will talk about but not right now. I am shortstacked with 24.5k avg is 46k and blinds are at 1k-2k with 300 ante. Going back in few hrs to try and make a deep run at this one.
I am going to hv ther eporter covering from p5 put up my updates at:
wish me luck!

Friday, June 15, 2007

2k event tomorrow

Going to bed soon, feeling good and want to get enough rest before the event tomorrow.
No luck online today in tournaments but I played some cash at bodog and made 3 and half buy ins at 5-10, its been a long time since I dabbled in cash but I really need to play them and sngs to try and recover some Vegas expenses.
Hopeully I will post in 3 days about my win in the 2k

Thursday, June 14, 2007

12hrs of poker and no $

The 5k event got 631 players...this was a god event and we started with 10k chips. I liked my starting table, it was very aggressive and I decided to pace myself. I played veyr solid for the most part, but then I switched it up a bit and raised few hands in a row and was able to take down few pots without much resistance. I ended level 2 (each level was 1 hr) with 12k. I was upto 17k by level 4 and thts when I got moved to a very tough table. I lost a big pot to my frnd deeznutz when he rivered his 3 outer on me but I was still comofrtable at 9kish at 200-400 level. I got my dbl up in the 300-600 level when I defnded my bb with A8s, flop came 8 4s 6s and we got it allin on the turn when 4d came, he had 55 (ty sir). I was upto 18k and started playing more aggressive, I made a good semi bluff with QK on T J 3 board and was able to 3 barrel a weak player to pick up another big pot. At dinner break I was crusing at 30k with a lot of play left. Basically I was card dead and didnt pick up anything for the longest time, but I used my image well and always had enuf chips to not got desperate. We were down 130ish people 63 paid (money bubble was 11ksih...11k is a lot of money) and I was honestly trying to make it. I opened pot for 3700 utg with KJo (600-1200 100 ante) and BB was the only caller. FLop came K 5d 8d and he instantly led out 4500 I pushed for 22k or so more and after thinking forever he called with A4d (for his tourny life..but I dont mind tht call, if u feel like gambling please do it...I always do tht) only to river the 9d for almost 65kish pot when avg was 38k..tht along with money bubble approaching I cud hv done damage...but 12 hrs of poker and no cash isnt tht bad, atleast I played well. I am down quite a bit now this trip and its time to grind, but Ihv my confidence back to play live so thts a god thing, playing the 2k tomorrow and playing online all day today.
O ranked 37th now :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

5k tourny today

NO luck so so bad
playing the 5k event today....goal 1 is to make it to the first break (yes to achieve tht) will take it from there.
Yesterday played the 1500 shootout, it was disgusting...sik j2 called my c/r all in on flop of 3 7 T against my KJ nly to turn 2....YES baddd

Sunday, June 10, 2007


1k was bad, I played alright and was excited to be at the table, but just got coolered with 67 on a 589 flop, turn 9....I lost 7500 of my starting 10k stacks, it was wrong and I shud hv gotten away, but the guy played it real weak and I was making value bets and he just called me weak.
After chillin at the Venetian I came back just in time for 100r and 200r at Pokerstars (played bad...was rusty), played 150 at FT AK vs KK pretty early though and finally 500 UB, which I just simply ran over. Shippage! took 1st for little over 20k. Now I feel better about all the buy ins lately. Confidence back, watch out wsop.....


Its been crazy last few is quick update on wats going on:
Friday: Landed around 10 pm local time, went to the house dropped off my luggage and then took a cab to the Emergency Room (The cut from my hand had gotten infected and was paining like a bitch...why do I do crazy things when I am drunk?), thankfully there wasnt a long wait and the doctors and nurses there were amazing, I usually hate hospital staff. I had to take tetnis shot and some medicines after they cleared the wound and I was ready to go. Next stop was the Rio, I was hoping to register for the 1500 event on Sarurday, but the line was plain out insane. Anyways I hungout there for a while and then headed back to the house. I was really beat, but I still chilled with my roommates before finally passing out.
Total Money spent-120$ (mainly cab rides and food)
Saturday: We woke up early in a bid to reach the Rio and sign up for the event, again the line was just too brutal, so instead we headed to the Venetian to play the 500$ deepstack. No luck there for me QQ vs AA, after that I came to the Rio to sweat some frnds. In the smaller tourny room I saw Imperium at the side table, I went over and introduced myself. He was shortstacked and told me to sit behind him till someone comes and tells me to leave. It was fun watching him play, although it didnt last long the play he made was just str8 out sick. John Pham raised cut off to 600 (100-200), button repopped to 1800, Imperium with his 2600 stack just flat called...yes, just flat called, John Pham seemed a little confused but he finally called the 1200 more. Flop was K 9 3, Imperium leeds out 475 leaving himself 400 or so chips. John Pham starts scratching his head and says that he is very confused and doesnt know wat to do, he finally mucks, button pushes imperium all in and shows 79 only to hit runner runner boat. After that we went and had buffet lunch, on our way there I met number of online pros-DRY, asiandude77 and few others. After lunch I headed back to the venetian to sweat some frnds, I played a 240$ sng but lost 44 vs JQs with 5 left. I was pretty tired by now and a little drunk too, after just hanging out there for couple of more hrs we headed back to the house, where I just passed out and had solid 8-9 hrs of sleep...ah I feel so good today.
Total expenses-1200$ (tourny buyins, cab rides and food)
Sunday: They hv a limit event at the wsop, I hate limit so instead I am going to the Ventian to play the 1k, it shud be a huge field and 1st place will be close to 150k, yum yum. Hopefully I can make a deep run in it, if I make the final table I will miss the 2.5k event tomorrow since the final table is next day, but if not I will be playing the event tomorrow, no matter how big the sign up line is.
Total Money spent so far:1320$

Friday, June 8, 2007

2nd time this yr

Took my frnds out for dinner, there were 9 of us and we went to a this mexican place called El Vez. We started off with few pitchers of margarita and in few hrs all of us were hammered. I was so drunk that I made a prop bet with my frnd, the bet was who can chug his drink faster, in my baller style I put up 20$ and he put his t-shirt on the line. I won the bet and took my frnds t-shirt and starting running, its been a long time since I ran, I was very drunk and was running so fast that I fell and skidded 3 feet, no major harm though just some bruises here and there. The damage for the night was 500$, this was long overdue, I remember the time when I wud win 10k tourny and take everyone out and now after winning quite a few 10k tournies I hadnt treated them in a long time, I hv been a bit of a NIT and unsocial recently, but yesterday I was ready to go out and hv some fun. Break from online poker is really doing me good.
Partied continued at my place till 2 (I hadnt packed or done anything for my flight tomorrow) since I was planning to wake up at 9. I woke with the worst hangover ever with my head spinning out of control, I thought about it and decided maybe its best if I took a later flight. Booked my ticket for the 5:45 flight and got back in bed. This is the 2nd time this yr that I hv missed my flight...not proud of it, no more early morning flights :)
Will post when I reach Vegassssss

Thursday, June 7, 2007

My goals for wsop..

Its time. As most of u know I am leaving for Vegas tomorrow, this will be my 2nd yr in WSOP (last yr I won my seat to the Main Event on bodog and went out there for 2 weeks). Last yr it was brutal, not only did I spend a large part of my BR, I also played very poorly and let people run me over. This yr its different, I am more experienced and a much stronger player (believe me, I am gonna be doing all the running over on my table), this yr I actually hv some goals for the wsop whereas last yr I went mostly for the experience with little knowledge of what to expect.
My goals this yr:
I am taking 40k to Vegas, this is my budget for my entire trip till I leave for India. This 40k includes buy ins, rent, food and entertainment expenses. My goal is to play all the remaining NL holdem events with the exception of the heads up event(I am 15k short imo to play all the events, so I wud hv to make some money on the side to play all). Besides playing all events I am also trying to break even for the trip, as in I wud be on cloud 9 if I can actually hv 40k cash at the end of the trip. Besdies this I want to cash in atleast 33% of the tournies I will be playing.
40k is a juicy part of my BR, but if I loose it, I will still be comfortable to play the limits I have been playing, my BR is at its all time highest and 40k is sip but not a very steep one. I have also recently put away a decent chunk of my recent winnings and have left myself 35k to play with online. One of the reasons I just left 35k online was that I dont intend t play a lot online in the coming weeks, although when I go back to India I will be on the online tournament circuit again. I hv come to terms with the fact that as a result of not playing online extensively in the coming weeks my ranking will drop, I have been climbing steadily and am at my all time best of 45th,
This is from this week's rakings update article from
"Aditya "Intervention" Agarwal and Scott "SCTrojans" Freeman shot up through the rankings this week in a way few are able to match. Each gained 16 spots en route to the top 50--a rare jump for anyone that high in the rankings. SCTrojans finished off his third Triple Crown in the month of May last week, while Intervention became an early leader in the June PLB after winning the $100 rebuy on Stars for $41k and taking down the Full Tilt $150 earlier in the week."
I will work extra hard during the summer and bumb it up again, but for now I dont think I am going to be mentioned in the rankings update for a while...its time for me to go and pwn live poker, although I will play online every now and then.
I will be arriving in Vgeas tomorrow afternoon and might play the 2nd chance tourny, if not that I will be making my debut at the wsop this yr in the 1500$ event on Saturday. I will be posting often from Vegas so add my blog link as a favrite to check on my progress.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

All setlled...

The meeting with the ISSO went as smooth as I cud hv hoped for, they signed all the required forms and now I am free for the summer.
Phew thats a huge load of my mind, I was close to flipping out pretty bad last night, there is no way I wud hv survived another 11 weeks of school. I really do need a change from the routine life I am stuck in at present, so on hearing tht I might not be able to goto Vegas and then India, I was definitely getting a little paranoid.
This is my schedule for this yr:
June 8th-july 18: Vegas (will be travelling to San Fransisco to meet some family suring the perios, although not sure when and for how long)
July 18-Sep 22: India (will be travelling a lot in India,although I will be staying fort he majority of the time in Calcutta, plans are to goto Mumbai, Delhi, CHandigarh, Goa, Bangoalore and Ooti)
Sep:22-Dec 13th: Philadelphia (FINISH COLLEGE)
Dec13- Move back to India (weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)

As I said before I am not playing any poker till I reach Vegas on friday. Just gonna chill and relax, going out drinking tonight, thats always fun :)
P5's shud be updating its rankings today and I am hoping to hv broken into top 45-40. Tomorrow I am taking all my frnds out for dinner, its gonna be a while till I will see them again this yr, although some of my frnds are planning to come for a weekend and visit me in Vegas.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Played so some chips in few tournies but just gave them away, guess everyone does tht once in a while but I hv been doing it far too much. Had such a gr8 opportunity and classic donky by me fukin AJo, I suck so bad.
NO more online poker till Vegas for me....need a break!


This officially sucks-
Today I went to the ISS0 (Internation student office) to get my I-20 signed, its pretty routine, but I was informed that since my I-20 expires at the end of the summer, I am not eligible for taking summer off. The plan was to take summer off and come back for graduation in fall term. WTF hmmmmmmn,I hv an appointment with them tomorrow and hopefully there is a way I can get out of taking classes during summer, if not I will be running back and forth from Vegas because there is no fucking way I am missing the WFSOP!
Other than that, I feel a little bit of burnout, there is abolsutely no excitement or drive in me as I sit and play these online tournies...I am obv excited about vegas and wsop but think I am tired of online poker, its time, I took some time off and enjoy all the money I hv earned during the past few mnths :)
PS: PLaying the 150,100r and 1k at stars and the 120 and 150 at UB and FT

Monday, June 4, 2007


Bad night of poker....-2.6k
Cudnt get anything going...sukky, played below par for sure too.
Last day of online poker tomorrow before a short break and then Vegasssssss

Big Sunday

Yesterday I played a whole bunch of tounries and had decent success in few of them.
I started by taking 7th in the big afternoon 100R (44 vs 55), I shud hv folded my 44 but I had folded tht hand a few hands before when if I hadnt, I wud hv trippled up, tht and being severely shortstacked I became stubborn with the muppet pair. Ah well hopefully I will learn from this. 7th was good for 3k sth.
I was running over UB and was CL for most part of the tournament, I was running real good, tht was right till we got very deep, thts when things starting going bad. Everytime I opened the pot someone came over the top of was brutal, after bleeding off a lot of chips I decided to make a stand, once again with 44 (this was different situation than the 100r) and this time I was called by luck in tht race gg for 18th, payout was 1200. THis was veyr frustrating, since I was really looking forward to final tabling a major.
I was deep in FT 400k too, again a big field tourny and after 5 hrs deep I got faked, when KT shoved for 10 bb from mid position and then another guy tried isolating with ATc on the button, I woke up with KK in bb and called, it was a monster pot and I was screwed when the flop came A T 3, I was drawing to 1 out. I somehow rallied back to avg stack and got it all in with my 33 vs AQ, big pot again and again I didnt hv any luck in tht flip. If I win tht flop I cud hv run over the table and given myself a realistic chance of going deeeep.
But, in my last tourny of the night I was able to chop the 100r 3 ways for 32.5k,I had a decent chip lead 3 handed and despite 1st being 41k I felt it was a good chop since I am looking for some Vegas money and by no means I had an edge 3 handed with those players(gboro and brsavage, very good players). I ran like god in tht tourny, I feel embarassed to mention how mny times I sucked out....means I just cudnt loose.
My boy had 20% swap with me so in the end I made 25kish net profit after deducting his 20% and all the buy ins, for ocne not a bad Sunday, infact a very good one :)
I am now well set up for Vegas, in the sense I am mentally prepared to loose watever loot I am taking there, I am not pushing my BR and even if I dont cash in anything it wont hurt me at all (I wont hv to drop down in limits). The plan is to play online tonight and tomorrow and then take sometime off before I goto Vegas. I hv lot of plans and goals for the summer which I will write in another post.
Time to go run some errands....

Sunday, June 3, 2007

decent day yesterday....hopefully big day today

Yesterday was fun, played well and did well too, although as always it could have been better. Took 2nd FT 100r and 7th in the afternoon PS 100r and 17th in the evening 100r (lost AK vs QQ for CL pot)
Today I am playing almost all the majors, not sure wat else I will be playing.
Also my boy Toetagu (ryan) is 3rd in chips coming into day 2 of the 1500$ event....get em Ryan.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Big weekend...

Yesterday I had gr8 opportunity to win the 20r (1st was 7k ish), I was big CL for most of the tourny and was playing gr8, this was till I doubled the guy 3rd in chips for a 800k pot, AKc vs TT all in pre, was such a tease too since it flopped 2 clubs. I was able to get back to a decent stack again but then I lost 44 vs the same guys A5 for a decent pot, flop was A 4 3 all in pre but he able to river a 2 on me to knock me out in 10th place.
Today the line up is veyr sick:
300 FO at PS
100R at PS
300 6 handed at FT
55R at PS
200 at absolute
100R at FT
100 FO at FT
100R at PS
150 FO at FT
120 boutny at UB
150 FO at PS
20R at PS

Its sick the amt it costs to play all these tournies each day. I have decided that I am going to play everything today and tomorrow, but unless I hit something I will hv to play just one session of tournies each instead of two (afternoon or night) and instead play sngs or cash to build back. I am gonna play the 1k on Monday and Tuesday regardless but will cut down on some other tournies....really shud be BR concious.
I wanted to do write down my thoughts on wat I want to accomplish in the next 6 weeks before I go to India but I am gonna be busy for the next few I will write tht right before I goto Vegas....its almost time!