Monday, October 29, 2007

furstrating sunday

blah I need to win soon :(

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sick of tournies

Kinda sick of tournys, its no fun when I grind so much only to loose a big coin flip deep, this happened like 6 times yesterday and I didnt win once. Dont think I am gonna lpay tournys till Saturday, instead I am looking to play sngs and step tournies. I have done reltively well in sngs and won a seat to step 6 yesterday. Sngs are fun since I can experiment a bit too.
College work, cleaning my apt and accounts are still in progress...

Monday, October 15, 2007

10k cash on Sunday

Came 5th in 100r for a 10k cash (cud hv been better etc etc). I am satisfied with my sunday performance, didnt make too many mistakes but def cud hv played better.

My good frnd cdbr and I had last longers in all common tournies, which I am glad to say I won 6-2 (ship 800$$$$$), he thinks he is huge +ev against me in LL but I hv won it two weeks in a row against him and hopfeully he doesnt quit me (+ev my ass).

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday Pokahhh

The same line up as he one I posted few weeks back. I hvnt played last couple of days which has me all pumped for the many hours of poekr ahead.
Weekend was fun, I was in NY meeting up with Maridu and Daut, was good times, I cant believe tht I hv been to NY twice in 4 yrs despite living in I am lazy :(

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

break from poker...

Sorry for the lack of updates, I hv just been very lazy ever since I got back to US. I went to visit cdbr and Carter this weekend in South Carolina and was awesome fun. I liked it a lot there and might go back in few weeks for a longer period, we played most sunday tournies (I cudnt play all of them, since I was playing on my laptop) and we had 200$ LL on all common tournies, which I was able to win 3-2, ship 200$ (so sweet winnign $$ from cdbr). I also won 600$ in beer pong betting against Carter, when my team won on tripple overtime (we kept increasing the bet every overtime), obv sickest beer pong game ever!
I had a decent sunday, I came 8th in 100r and 13th in 200r and 32nd in ngihtly 100r, so I made a small profit for the day, but could have been huge.
This week I am not playing, I have ton loads of work to do (things pile up, when u do nothing but sit around for 2 weeks). I have to get my apt cleaned (its a mess), do poker accts (I hv no idea how I hv done last 1 mnth, so got to finish accts), have to goto classes and catch up (veyr light college workload but still need to catch up), spent time with frnds and this weekend I hv to visit family in New Jersey. But def will play Sunday and will also post my stats for the past mnth when I am done with my poker accts.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

shippp 100r

Finally broke my cold streak by chopping the nightly 100r on Tuesday. I usually dont chop, but 3 handed we were all friends so this was an easy chop. I got 27.9k for my efforts, which right now seems like a huge score and I am definitely happy :)
I am heading back to Philadelphia in few hrs where the plan for next 3 mnths is to finish up college (one time!!, please let me not fail any of my classes =p) and break into top 15 of the p5 rankings. In my peak I was at 17th but I hv fallen a lot and am ranked 35th as of now, but I am excited to be back in philly, since I hv beent ravelling alst 3 mnths(vegas, india, manila, europe) I hv realised I play best when in philly, I hv just gotten very used to the enviroment there and am def looking foward to go back to me winning 2-3 tournies a week.
Next poker day will be Saturday, will post tourny schedule for the weekend once I reach Philly.
SIgh another 22 hrs journy :(

Monday, September 17, 2007

Dissapointing Sunday

I played really well, probably the best I hv played on a Sunday in a long time. Just cudnt final table anything, I did take 20th in 100r and 21st in 200r. I played all the tournies except for the mulligan (mini tilt after busting the 100r, so decided to cut down a bit on new tourneis), its just suprising how bad people play on Sundays, I am def looking for a big Sunday score sometime in the near future. I am really happy with the way I am playing right now, good rhythm and playing consistent. I feel like my old self again and I just love the 100r after hating it for a long time, so thts good. The one thing I need to work is on my stamina, I get tired after 8-9 hrs of playing and thts usually when I quit, but I hv noticed tht mny of the top pros hv no problem playing 14-16hrs, I need to be able to do tht, esp sicne the wcoop ME is going to be around 22hrs long!
Playing the 1k and 100r today, I like 2 tabling and watching a movie on the side than 9 tabling =p