Saturday, March 31, 2007

Last day in Indiana

We went to downtown louisvile yeserday for some dinner and bar hoping...the restaurant where we had dinner was very classy, but the prawns which I ordered, didnt sit too well with my stomach. I had the worst stomach cramps ever and decided to come back to the hotel. I was throwing up till 6 in the morning before I finally got some sleep. I am much better now but I missed today's event. So I guess I wont be coming back with a ring, just 1 cash in 4 events......disgusting!
Will do end of mnth analysis tomorrow...was an amazing mnth before the end of mnth downswing. Still this has been the biggest mnth ever for me, will hv to think of wat goals I want to achieve next mnth as well.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Chillin in Indiana

300 event yeserday was beyond bad.....I dbled within first 15 mins and still didnt make it till the first break, I played pukishly bad and hv no one to blame for it but myself. It doesnt work too well if u r smokin and drinkin on no sleep till 4 AM and then you wake up feelin like shit. I was tired as hell, but thts no excuse for how bad I played.
Today in the 500 event, however, I played pretty good, except for some goofy hands which I hv to stop doing.....was idiotic how I gave away 1/3rd of my stack with junk...yuk! But I did grind a lot later on and just got ul. I called the cutoff shove with 99 from the button only to loose to his 3 outer river (he had Q8)....tht put me on shortstack and the one move I made all tourny had me drawing very slim (made a move with QK c/r allin on 3 6 3 flop, QQ called) ah well gg.
Tomorrow is the big 1k tourny, I feel good about it and hopefully I will atleast cash in it, although a win wud be real sweet, not for the money but just getting a wsop ring :)
This trip has been a lot of fun, I am here chillin with Micah, johnnygstacks and his boy Dan, all of them are real cool cats and its been a blast just chillin (seem to hv way too much free so wanna survive till those dinner breaks).
I hv been playing some cash too, which has been beyond crazy, first day I made 6.5k and lost it all next day and then dropped another 4k but recovered 1.5k today....overall I am down 2k in cash at bodog this trip and 9k from my peak...ouch! Knew there wud be variance with my style but not this crazy...gonna try and grind it out though...there is no quitting in me. Indiana trip will cost me around 6k the way things are going...need to hit!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Indiana 1st day

cashed in 500 very pissed...faking idiots

Monday, March 26, 2007

Going to Indiana

Leaving for Indiana tonight. Decided not to play any poker today, just to be in a fresh mindset tomorrow....hv been playing a lot of 5-10 lately and my style in cash games being very different from that in tournaments makes me feel that I shud take a break from 5-10 and get my tournament patients back for this week. Although, I do think later this week I will go and play some more of the 5-10.
Yesterday was a sucky day, played pretty avg but I got ul in most tournaments...went close to money at UB and FT and got runner runner against me in the 1k at PS....but atleast I made 4-5k playing 5-10 (total of 25k+ last 5 days playign ring).
My BR is at healthiest....I am taking 10k with me to Indiana, my goal for the trip is to break even and come back with the 10k anything else wud be a bonus.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

High Times Part-2

Was high and dry and decided to play 5-10 at bodog....2 hrs later I ended my session up 13k...yes 13k WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
Aight time to hit the ball

Spring Break!!

Didnt plat any online poekr yesterday but played my crazy .25-.5 NL home game, its a 20 buy in game but stakes go much higher. I was up $150 and then lost it all in like 10 mins and was stuck 70(.25-.5 blinds by the way) but finally ended up $33. Obviously money doesnt matter, but I hate loosing to my frnds, so its all out war in tht game for me.
Since my bodog acct is still closed for security reasons, I played little bit of 3-6 HU at Fulltilt, after getting sucked out on a Q high flop by Q9 vs my AQ (all in on flop), I tilted a bit and donated 4 buy ins real fast (2400).....but then I outdrew his set of AA by hitting quads TT on river for a monster pot. It was then time for him to tilt, finally he quit leaving me ahead 2200$ for the session. Plan is to play only cash games today and just tournies tomorrow, pack up and leave for Indiana on Monday and comeback with a wsop ring :)
PS: World Cup 2007 doesnt count

Friday, March 23, 2007

Plans for Spring Break

Yesterday played a lot of 5-10 NL and had a pretty big day, despite getting stacked few times and loosing many big pots (over 1k) I was able to end the day ahead 4.5k. This comes in pretty handy since I hv decided to goto Indiana for spring break and try and final table atleast one event-
Since bodog security has temporarily frozen my acct (hv to send a photo id), I hv decided to relax today and not play at all (lets see how tht goes). Sunday is a big tourny day with a 1k buy in at PS along with all the usual big tournaments. While I am in Indiana I hv decided to focus more on 5-10 rather than play tournaments online, lot of money to be made there.
Time to study for my last final....

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

High Times

Been playing some 3-6 NL on few sites and hv been doign well. Gonna give it a good run this week and see how it goes.
Came 7th in 100 FO PS for 1k, 1st was 8k but had no luck in 50-50 and 40-60 situations.
Big tourny day tomorrow as well.

Monday, March 19, 2007


Had a nice score of 11,250$ in the bodog 50k, really didnt do much in others, but tht one win got me to 8.5k profit for the day.
Aight time to study now...not sure how much I will be able to play this week, but will try and get as many hrs in as possible.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Cursed Sunday

No luck 1 outered on the river in the 300$ tourny from like 8 away from money....was definitely a frustrating day. Hopefully, today will be better.
The Line up:
12:45 pm PS 215$ Sunday warm up
1:00 pm PS 109$
1:00 pm Bodog 109$ 50k Gtd
4:00 pm Bodog 109$ 100k Gtd
4:30 pm PS 215$ Sunday Million
5:00 pm UB 215$ 200k Gtd
6:00 pm FT 535$ 750k Gtd
6:00 pm PS 650$ wsop qualifier
6:30 pm PS 215$ Second chance tourny
7:05 pm FT 216$ Sunday mulligan

10 tournies for total buy in of- 2,588$

Best part of all these tournies is, even if I go deep in one I atleast break even....will be studying for my finance final too.

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Been playing bad and running bad as well......time to run it around, big weekend this one with a whole bunch of big tournies.....definitely gonna try and go deep in few.
Line up for today:
1 pm stars 100 and 300 F0
3 PM fulltilt 300 FO
3 pm Mansion 100k (100 FO)
6 pm Fulltilt 100 FO

Thats about 1k in tourny buy ins....already down 800 today, so tht shud take the tally to 2k.

New Blog

Just a week left before the term ends and the start for my one week of vacation. I have decided to play more live poker now and tht has left me with a tough choice to where I should spend my spring break.
Currently there are 4 options:
Foxwoods-wpt tournaments (but most of the prelim events are wat too expensive for me)Ceaser Indiana-wsop circuit (has the best line up for tournies for my BR and the expected field will be small and bad, only problem is there is not much to do in Indiana besides poker and I do want to do other things then play poker all week long)
Atlantic City
Las Vegas
This is really tough decision for me, lets see wat my frnds want to do and will decide accordingly.For the next few days I will be playing a lot online, hv been kinda lazy after my big win at the start of the mnth, but now that I want to go out for spring break, I hv to try and grind some spending and buy in money. Exams are next week, but except for one exam on Monday, others are relatively easy, this will allow me to play freely for most part next week as well.