Thursday, September 20, 2007

shippp 100r

Finally broke my cold streak by chopping the nightly 100r on Tuesday. I usually dont chop, but 3 handed we were all friends so this was an easy chop. I got 27.9k for my efforts, which right now seems like a huge score and I am definitely happy :)
I am heading back to Philadelphia in few hrs where the plan for next 3 mnths is to finish up college (one time!!, please let me not fail any of my classes =p) and break into top 15 of the p5 rankings. In my peak I was at 17th but I hv fallen a lot and am ranked 35th as of now, but I am excited to be back in philly, since I hv beent ravelling alst 3 mnths(vegas, india, manila, europe) I hv realised I play best when in philly, I hv just gotten very used to the enviroment there and am def looking foward to go back to me winning 2-3 tournies a week.
Next poker day will be Saturday, will post tourny schedule for the weekend once I reach Philly.
SIgh another 22 hrs journy :(

Monday, September 17, 2007

Dissapointing Sunday

I played really well, probably the best I hv played on a Sunday in a long time. Just cudnt final table anything, I did take 20th in 100r and 21st in 200r. I played all the tournies except for the mulligan (mini tilt after busting the 100r, so decided to cut down a bit on new tourneis), its just suprising how bad people play on Sundays, I am def looking for a big Sunday score sometime in the near future. I am really happy with the way I am playing right now, good rhythm and playing consistent. I feel like my old self again and I just love the 100r after hating it for a long time, so thts good. The one thing I need to work is on my stamina, I get tired after 8-9 hrs of playing and thts usually when I quit, but I hv noticed tht mny of the top pros hv no problem playing 14-16hrs, I need to be able to do tht, esp sicne the wcoop ME is going to be around 22hrs long!
Playing the 1k and 100r today, I like 2 tabling and watching a movie on the side than 9 tabling =p

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Big Sunday tomorrow...

Line up for tomorrow:
215 Sunday Warm up
109+ Rebuy
215 200k GTD
535 1 mill GTD
320 WCOOP 2nd chance
215 Sunday Mulligan
109+ Rebuy (not sure)
215+ Rebuy (not sure)

I am def playing the first 7 tournaments but I am not sure on the remaining two, it depends on how tired I am and depends on what happens in the other tournies.

I completely blew the 100r last night, I mean blew it so bad tht it had me shaking like on Sunday when I blew the million. I am very very determined now to play my best and keep my composure, I am a good closer and need to make the most of my opportunites when I go deep. Its been forever since I won something, but I hvnt lost faith in myself, just matter of time, like I always tell my frnds-one good day changes everything.

Hopefully tomorrow my bad run ends and I can hopefully be collecting some $$$ (thts euros in the pic though)

Sunday, September 9, 2007


played bad nothing else...bad day, def my game has improved but still need to work on my temperament, it was bad. Horrible play in the end. Jeez so dissapointing 130th in mill.

been a while

Back from Europe, the trip was a memorable one. Definitely gonna goto Amsterdamn sometime soon again.
Sunday DOnkaments today :)

Saturday, September 1, 2007

ah well

Its dissapointing, but why should I be sad? Life is good and it can only get better.
I was shortstacked for the earl part, but the play was ver loose and I felt I cud pick up some good spots, players were jsut terrible and I felt an easy dbl if I picked up a hand. I believe the commentators on the ept broadcast felt tht I ws too tight and was waiting too long (thts why they are in the commentary booth and not on the table), I finally got some good spots and each time I dbled and before I knew it I was top 5 with 340k. They were some interesting hands, but I am not a big fan of discussing hands and my thought process, but I did hv an idea on who was playing how and played accordingly. I am not at all unhappy with the way I got out, I went with my gut and everthing I do is pre decided, so when I had TT I had already decided wat wud happen if I got re raised by the people behind me (it was a money bubble 8k euros, I ended up running my TT into QQ, but no regrets, if Sorel says I played it right, I really dont care who else says anything. 15th isnt bad, but I was 14 away from life changing will happen I know, this was a gr8 experience, guess I wont be nervous playing online anymore since the money aint as big as this one (boy was I shaking....but it didnt affect my play one bit)
I would like to thank all the people on my rail-Sorel, Zpaceman, Jeff (such an awesome guy), menlo, simon, stamm, stevie and everyone else who might be forgetting.
Also, <3 pocketfives, u guys are awesome!!!
GLGLGLLGLGL to Adamn junglen, funkie Munkie and Realandybeal (he knocked me out) I hope u guys make it to top 3 since u r by far the best left in the field.
I am playing the 1k tourny today and mabe online tomorrow, not sure yet but we will see. Amsterdamn, Monday latest.
ALso, I wud like everyone to know that I am now being staked by Sorel, is part of our deal, sorry but I dont think I want to discuss the details :) but its def a sick deal for both of us imo and its gonna get both of us veyr rich!