Thursday, September 20, 2007

shippp 100r

Finally broke my cold streak by chopping the nightly 100r on Tuesday. I usually dont chop, but 3 handed we were all friends so this was an easy chop. I got 27.9k for my efforts, which right now seems like a huge score and I am definitely happy :)
I am heading back to Philadelphia in few hrs where the plan for next 3 mnths is to finish up college (one time!!, please let me not fail any of my classes =p) and break into top 15 of the p5 rankings. In my peak I was at 17th but I hv fallen a lot and am ranked 35th as of now, but I am excited to be back in philly, since I hv beent ravelling alst 3 mnths(vegas, india, manila, europe) I hv realised I play best when in philly, I hv just gotten very used to the enviroment there and am def looking foward to go back to me winning 2-3 tournies a week.
Next poker day will be Saturday, will post tourny schedule for the weekend once I reach Philly.
SIgh another 22 hrs journy :(

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Ed a.k.a. bigsoxfan05 said...

Congrats on the choppage of the 100R...... It was JAMOT.... I enjoy watching you progress into a fine young poker phenom!